It's an amazing feeling, knowing that you can work anywhere.

We want to share that feeling. 

Since June 2015 we have been traveling with a group of young professionals while working remotely. Beginning in Prague, we have moved cities every month as we follow an itinerary spanning Europe, Asia and South America.

When was the last time you had a Monday that felt like a Monday? 

We have discovered that something remarkable happens when you’re continuously switching environments, cities, cultures and continents. 

Mondays come to mean something different entirely. The feeling of dread is eradicated and replaced with curiosity, productivity, motivation and an all around multi-sensory experience. It is the realization that you don’t have to put your life on hold to travel. 


Sometimes all you need is a little nudge. 

Through stories, interviews, photography, and digital courses, Never Mondays aims to capture the essence of this extraordinary lifestyle and foster a platform for accessing it. 

We will teach you how to manage travel in tandem with a work schedule and the necessary temptation of creating an environment that feels like ‘home.’  

We’re not saying it’s easy, or without sacrifice, but we promise there is never a dull moment.

Never Mondays, ever again.



Originally from Sweden, Siri grew up in London and Geneva and has lived in Boston, LA and New York. A lover of music, languages and neon signs, she spends most of her time curating playlists to fit any mood and likes discovering new places on foot, with earphones in. With a background in journalism and entrepreneurship Siri has worked in creative industries including an art auction house, a record label and

at a tech startup in the events space. Happiest when in the mountains or near the ocean, Siri gave up city life to pursue a transient work/travel lifestyle with Remote Year. A couple of mountain summits and a hot air balloon ride later, she is now thoroughly bitten by the travel bug and through storytelling and advice hopes to inspire others to live and work anywhere.

Born and raised in sunny Santa Barbara. Chris is an avocado lover, beach enthusiast and fan of warm weather. A lover of the natural world he thrives as a creative and strongly believes in the art of doodling. A mover and shaker, in lieu of pursuing a college degree, Chris co-founded a clothing company. He enjoys the challenge of branding companies and

helping them realize their personalities through good design and thoughtful storytelling. After finding inefficiencies in office life, he chose to let it all go and travel the world with Remote Year. Falling in love with the freedom of the digital nomad life Chris now wants to spread the knowledge acquired to help promote more freedom in the workspace.